Class for Making Replica Foods

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Tempura & Lettuce

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Please note that the instructor can only some important words.
It is the minimum necessary English for safety. Please understand.



[Reservation required]

●Target age
Elementary school 1st grade and above
* 1st and 2nd grade elementary school students must be accompanied by an adult for safety.

Up to 6 people per class
*If you have 7 or more people, please reserve 2 classes.
*If chartered, up to 16 people can participate in one group.

3,000 yen (per person/tax included)

About 40 minutes (1 class)
(time required from visit to end)

● Time table

①11:00 ②11:30 ③14:00 ④14:30
⑤15:00 ⑥15:30 ⑦16:00 ⑧16:30

● Contents
It is made using traditional wax techniques.
・ 2 tempura items (choose from shrimp, eggplant, pumpkin, shiitake mushroom, etc.)
・ 1 lettuce

Kappabashi Store

[Area map]
[Route guidance to the store]

Flow of class

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①We have alcohol for disinfection.


Example: Kappabashi Store: 14:00 class

(Please arrive 10 minutes before the class.)
・Watch the guidance video

14:00 –     Class start


Efforts to prevent infectious diseases at our store

At our store, we have created a venue and reservation system that avoids crowds and is conscious of social distancing so that customers can use it safely and securely.

① The tools used for the class will be frequently disinfected with alcohol.

②In order to reduce the amount of verbal explanations given by the staff, you will be asked to watch a guidance video before the class. (Depending on the number of participants, the explanation may be given verbally.)

③ The venue will be regularly ventilated.

④ We are reducing the number of customers we guide at one class.

⑤ The number of staff entering the class is the minimum number necessary.


Request for your cooperation

・Please refrain from taking class if you are not feeling well.

・Please be punctual when visiting. We will guide customers in order according to the timetable, so if you are late, we will not be able to wait.

・To the group guests: Please pay together, not separately for a smooth checkout.

・Observer can be limited to 1 person per group.

・The explanation will be in Japanese.

・For your safety and enjoyment, we recommend that you come with one interpreter per four people.

[For participants]

Reservation for Class making replica foods


Online Reservation for Class making replica foods

For participants

・You can participate in the class from the first grade of elementary school.
*For safety reasons, preschool children are not allowed to enter the venue.
* 1st and 2nd grade elementary school students must be accompanied by an adult for safety.

・Please refrain from taking class if you are not feeling well.

・Observer can be limited to 1 person per group.

・Please check the location of the store in advance with [Access] and [Route Information].

・In case of cancellation or change, please let us know as soon as possible.

・Please refrain from taking videos during the class. Please be careful not to include other people when you take pictures.

・If you have nail arts, wax may stick to them.

・We use hot water for making. You will put your hands in hot water.

・ We will prepare necessary items such as aprons and paper bags.

・We do not allow you to bring your own tableware.



About our class for making replica foods


Technology that inherits 90 years of history

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Based on the traditional method of using wax, which is the roots of food replicas, this is an original menu developed by making full use of the ideas and techniques of modern food replica craftsmen. The staff will demonstrate and guide you, so even beginners can experience it with confidence.