Company Profile

company profile

IWASAKI CO., LTD. is a company based in East Japan belonging to the Iwasaki Group, which holds the number one share in replica foods. It has been in business for 86 years.

As the industry's leading company, it engages mainly in replica foods, extending to the planning and production of promotional tools such as menu books and signboards, and supports the prosperity of the restaurant business for years as an expert in promotions.


Trademark Iwasaki Be-I
Trade name IWASAKI CO., LTD.
Capital 95 million yen
Foundation 1932
Establishment November 10, 1975
Settlement March
President and Representative Director Tsuyoshi IWASAKI
Number of employees 330
Business items ・Production/sales/rental of replica foods and general models
・Production/sales of products for consumers, workshops for replica food production
・Planning/production of promotional printed materials such as menu books and fliers
・Planning/production/manufacturing of special objects, signs, Colton box and signboards
・Planning of promotion and store displays
・Planning/production/interior finishing of store displays and showcases
・Consulting for restaurants
・Holding of various training courses
・Sales of various consumable goods
・Damage insurance
Building permit number Permit (General-1997) 064191
Domestic related companies ・Iwasaki Research Institute Co., Ltd.
Iwasaki Co., Ltd.(Western Japan)
Iwasaki Model Production, Co., Ltd.
・I Enterprise, Ltd.
Overseas related companies ・Green Co., Ltd.(South Korea)
・Replica Food Ltd.(UK)
・JFM GmbH(Germany)