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Our company has consistently supported the promotional activities of restaurants as a pioneer of replica foods for 82 years, since the foundation of the group in 1932.

I am confident that the expressiveness of deliciousness developed in our history has various added values such as a surprise and fun as well as providing the value of promotional effects.

Now we have decided to make a full-scale entry into the manufacturing and retail industry as a consumer business in order to provide general consumers with the magical attraction of replica foods as a new brand: Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya. I feel that promoting replica foods worldwide as a Japanese original culture to pass down to the future through this business is one of our missions.

This business is a big challenge for our company, which has dealt with professional restaurant businesses so far. IWASAKI CO., LTD. would like to continue to create new values and provide you with new inspirational experiences through replica foods.

It is my sincere desire to devote myself, always maintaining a challenging spirit, to keep Ganso Shokuhin Sample-ya as a brand loved by all.

I look forward to your continued and kind support.

Tsuyoshi IWASAKI, President and Representative Director